This function summarizes larval stage by Erlang-stages. It calls base_aquatic_stage to do all of the work.

summarize_larvae_stage(out, spn_P)



the output of sim_trajectory_R


the places of the SPN, see details


a 3 to 5 column dataframe for plotting with ggplot2


The places (spn_P) object is generated from one of the following: spn_P_lifecycle_node, spn_P_lifecycle_network, spn_P_epiSIS_node, spn_P_epiSIS_network, spn_P_epiSEIR_node, or spn_P_epiSEIR_network.

The return object depends on the data provided. If the simulation was only 1 node, then no node designation is returned. If only one repetition was performed, no rep designation is returned. Columns always returned include: time, Erlang-stage, and value.

For examples of using this function, see: vignette("lifecycle-node", package = "MGDrivE2")