This function makes the set of places (P) for a SPN model of a metapopulation network for simulation of coupled SEI-SEIR dynamics. It is the network version of spn_P_epiSEIR_node.

spn_P_epiSEIR_network(node_list, params, cube)



a character vector specifying what type of nodes to create; (m = a node with only mosquitoes, h = a node with only humans, b = a node with both humans and mosquitoes)


a named list of parameters (see details)


an inheritance cube from the MGDrivE package (e.g. cubeMendelian)


a list with two elements: ix contains labeled indices of the places by life stage and node, u is the character vector of places (P)


The params argument supplies all of the ecological parameters necessary to calculate equilibrium values. This function requires the nE, nL, nP, and nEIP parameters to be specified. For more details, see equilibrium_SEI_SEIR

For examples of using this function, see: vignette("seir-dynamics", package = "MGDrivE2")