This function makes the set of transitions (T) for a SPN. It is used alone if our model is a single-node metapopulation of mosquito and human dynamics; otherwise it is used as part of other functions to make SPN models with larger state spaces (metapopulation models, see spn_T_epiSEIR_network).

spn_T_epiSEIR_node(spn_P, params, cube)



set of places produced by spn_P_epiSEIR_node


a named list of parameters (see details)


an inheritance cube from the MGDrivE package (e.g. cubeMendelian)


a list with two elements: T contains transitions packets as lists, v is the character vector of transitions (T)


This function takes the places produced from spn_P_epiSEIR_node and builds all possible transitions between subsets of those places.

The params argument supplies all of the ecological parameters necessary to calculate equilibrium values. This function requires the nE, nL, nP, and nEIP parameters to be specified. For more details, see equilibrium_SEI_SEIR

While this function produces all structural information related to transitions, hazards are produced by a separate function, spn_hazards.

For examples of using this function, see: vignette("seir-dynamics", package = "MGDrivE2")