Sets up a release schedule for a single patch, calls basicRepeatedReleases internally.

generateReleaseVector(driveCube, releasesParameters, nameGenotypes = NULL)



Gene-drive cube


A list containing the releasesStart, releasesNumber releasesInterval, and releaseProportion named values.


Optional list to specify different genotypes for egg/male/female releases. This is required for mated female releases. This parameter overrides the default release type.


# setup a drive cube, using Mendelian as the example cube <- cubeMendelian() # setup release parameter list # releasesStart is the time of first release # releasesNumber is the number of releases # releasesInterval is the number of days between releases # releaseProportion is the number of mosquitoes released relParams <- list(releasesStart = 25, releasesNumber = 1, releasesInterval = 0, releaseProportion = 10) # generate male releases mRelVec <- generateReleaseVector(driveCube = cube, releasesParameters = relParams) # generate mated female releases fRelVec <- generateReleaseVector(driveCube = cube, releasesParameters = relParams, nameGenotypes = list(c("AA","AA", 10), c("AA","aa", 10)))